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    王苗/Sophia 创立缅甸“空中教室”
    来源:品牌宣传处?? 作者: 巴川中学?? 发布日期:2019-11-06 10:57 ?? 浏览次数:

    The establishment of the “Classroom in the Air”



    The eligibility for admission to universities in North America is not the same as that in China. Test scores (TOEFL, SAT & AP) are necessarily the most important parts, but there are more elements to be considered for the entry ticket. The admissions office there pays much attention to the applicant’s instinct of creation, trait of honest, spirit of adventure, ability of multitask and initiative of socialization. Therefore, wonderful social experience can add considerable value to your application leverage. Under the guidance of our team, the students of Class 2017 have done outstanding and unprecedented achievement in social practices during the past three years.

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